About Us

Three childhood friends with a knack for entrepreneurship, with roots originating from countries known for their independence and strong resistance to colonialism, ventured together into the world of coffee. Initially establishing a partnership in 2018, starting off as brokers of coffee & coffee related products, these three friends acquired the necessary seeds to fund and start the roasting, packaging & distribution aspect of the business.

Building & maintaining networks both abroad & locally, they were able to collaboratively create a blend of selectively imported coffee beans, superior in elevation, quality & taste.

New Flower Coffee Company Ltd. is a brand like no other. A multifaceted, grassroots company with strong ties to local communities in both Africa & the Caribbean. Our mission & primary end goal is not just to turn a profit, but to be a consistent supportive lifeline to randomly selected children in underdeveloped & conflict ridden countries across the world.

In line with the Four principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, New Flower is strategically aligning itself in order to assist in meeting these objectives through every single one of our sales.

New Flower aims to play a supportive role in the development & empowerment of children (flowers) across the world who do not have the means and/or capability to provide for themselves.

Our company slogan “today’s flowers, tomorrow’s seeds”, stems from an old Ethiopian saying popularized by Tesfaye Sahlu, a late 60s comedian & children's storybook author who coined the term. It refers to children…who are the flowers of today, who then go on to bloom and eventually become the seeds of tomorrow. This is done by reciprocating the act of giving & teaching those around them.

A significant portion of our pre-tax profits is allocated accordingly to our sister non-profit organization NF4C: New Flower Foundation for Children. This newly founded non-profit’s objective is to facilitate the resources necessary (through meal & medical care, constant communication & covering of living expenses/schooling costs etc.) for these children…wherever & whomever they may be, assisting to strive & overcome their current poverty like conditions, out the soil to grow healthily towards God’s intended path.

With your help, we can help nurture these flowers with the care & attention they are entitled to.